Life or Death – Michael Robotham

Life or Death – Michael Robotham review.

Audie Palmer is sentenced to 10 years in prison for the robbery of an armored vehicle resulting in death. The loot: seven million dollars that nobody knows where they are.

Audie escapes prison on the eve of his release. No one can make sense of it but everyone wants to find him. On the one hand, the authorities, who have the obligation of finding him. On the other hand, certain people that, from the beginning, you can tell that they want him more dead than alive.

So, if we think this through, the people who are actually guilty of the robbery are the ones who want to eliminate Palmer, because they’re looking for him so they can kill him, not to ask him about the money’s whereabouts.

I can’t say any more without spoiling the story.

It’s well written and the narration is entertaining and very well connected.


Audie’s character is the most sincere of the book. Soon you realize that he’s a good person. What is not so clear is why he escapes when he does. After reading for a while you realize why he does it, but he’s still not only a pleasant character, but you also wish that whatever he’s trying to do goes well.

Among the other main characers Moss stands out, a prison mate. He has an important role in the story. From the beginning he related to Audie and he protected him as much as he could so he could survive the prison sentence. Also the FBI agent Desiree Furnes, who finds out what really happened during the robbery of the armored vehicle. I won’t talk about the bad guys so as not to ruin the intrigue.

Lastly, the most important character after Audie Palmer is Ray Valdez. You’ll find out why.

Nothing more to say without spoiling the intrigue. Even though I guessed very early on what had really happened I don’t want to spoil the story more than necessary.

To sum up, it’s very a nice (nice, but also a bit sad) story with characters that fall heavily under stereotypes but that is pleasurable to read.



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