Perfect Crime – Helen Fields

Perfect Crime – Helen Fields Review

Good novel, as the previous ones.

Luc Callanach and Ava Turner investigate a series of murders disguised as suicides. The murderer interacts with the victims to gain their trust and then he takes advantage of their weaknesses to feign suicides.

Actually, in the story, there are two series of crimes: the supposed suicides and the murders of two elderly people, both related to Callanach’s past.

In fact, Callanach is even considered a suspect of these two murders at some point, since it appears that someone is trying to incriminate him. If we take a deeper look into the details and, especially, if we know Callanach’s past, told in past novels, we can guess, with a certain degree of security, who is taking out the elderly people and why.

Regarding the suicides, even though there are several candidates, I guessed the culprit right away. Still, the interest is kept up.

Perfect Crime, as the other ones, it’s a very entertaining novel, well-written, and with good characters. Correct course and open ending regarding the relationship between Luc and his boss, Ava.

It’s a pity it’s not been translated into Spanish.

I recommend it.


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