The Golden Cage – Camilla Läckberg

The Golden Cage – Camilla Läckberg review

It’s entertaining but that’s it.

The story has been dealt with extensively. Without going any further, lately I’ve read three books (including this one) with the same approach. Women that get married very much in love and, once married, the perfect husband changes. They are relegated to the role of housewives, almost maids, undervalued and abused emotionally and, sometimes, physically.

In one of the books, a woman is killed; in another one, the one deceased is the husband; and in this one, the wife takes revenge on her husband.

Focusing on The Golden Cage, the novel by Camilla Läckberg, I was quite disappointed. The part of the married life, the revenge and the ending are like a mixture of several books (and not just the three I mentioned).

Regarding the development of the story, I think everything is dealt with in a rush, and at a very simple and shallow level. Not even the ending felt original. I’ve seen it in more than one occasion in movies or television or, even, in episodes of crime shows.

I’m giving it three stars because it’s not worse than a lot of books going around, and because the writing, as always, is very correct.

But, honestly, Läckberg is better off doing more installments of the Fjällbacka series.

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