Victim 2117 – Jussi Adler-Olsen

Review of Victim 2117 by Jussi Adler-Olsen

Although it’s okay, it’s the one I liked the least off of the series so far. It deviates quite a lot from the usual.

It’s about refugees from Syria, Iraq, etc. arriving on rafts in Europe, in this case Cyprus, and terrorists. I have nothing against refugees, I do against terrorists, but they’re not the subjects I hope to find in a thriller or in an intrigue novel.

Here, at last, we learn Assad’s full story, one of the most noted and endearing characters in the Department Q stories. We also see Rose’s return to the Department, after nearly two years of retirement for reasons derived from the QD’s latest novelized case.

In  Victim 2117 we have two parallel stories. Assad’s and a crazy Danish murderer’s, obsessed with who knows what but whose trigger for killing is the same: victim 2117.

He begins by murdering his father and then threatens to continue by killing his mother, and anyone in front of him.

It’s entertaining, easy to read, but the only intrigue is whether things will end well for Assad.

Although this one disappointed me a little, I expect the next one, as always, without losing any interest in the series.

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Victim 2117

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