White River Burning – John Verdon

White River Burning by John Verdon review.

Very good plot. The novel I liked the most after the first one, though it doesn’t quite surpass it.

After reading the review and after some questioning by Gurney to some characters, I guessed who the bad guy was; though I already suspected earlier in the book. And I confirmed it almost at the end, before Gurney. But that’s what makes reading more exciting: to find out if you’re right. After everything is discovered, the ending is a bit flat, and it’s not the first time. The summary of how the loose ends are tied is narrated in a way that I don’t particularly like much. It feels cut short. But it doesn’t really matter because the novel is that good.

The only negative point, apart from what I’ve already said, is the perfection of Gurney’s wife and, after reading five books, the complications and the emotional blackmails? from the wife to the husband. They are topics that deviate from the interest in the main plot and don’t add much.

To sum up, I’d highly recommend it and I’m waiting for the next one.


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