Ghost in the Machine

Ghost in the Machine

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Synopsis of Ghost in the Machine

With a messy divorce behind her, Caroline Adamson’s future is finally looking up. But after her mutilated body is found, police think Caroline’s ex-husband is the main suspect.

When one murder becomes three, Edinburgh faces up to the fact that it might have a serial killer in its midst.

Then DC Scott Cullen of Lothian and Borders CID starts to question his superiors.

Could the answer lie with Schoolbook, the latest social media craze to hit the city?

Cullen has only been in the job for three months but he’s determined to prove himself, and equally as determined that the right person faces justice.

As things take an even darker, personal turn, Cullen realises that he must look closer to home for the answer – before it’s too late.

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Serie: Scott Cullen; 1

Editorial: Autoedición
Año de publicación: 2012
ISBN 9781476438009

Idioma: Inglés
Formato: eBook

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