Murder on the Oxford Canal

Murder on the Oxford Canal

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Murder on the Oxford Canal is second in the Hillary Greene series

Not only has she lost her husband, but his actions have put her under investigation for corruption.

Then a bashed and broken body is found floating in the Oxford Canal. It looks like the victim fell off a boat, but Hillary is not so sure. Her investigation exposes a dark background to the death.

Can Hillary clear her name and get to the bottom of a fiendish conspiracy on the water

Synopsis of the book Murder On The Oxford Canal, by Faith Martin, from Amazon

Please note this is a revised edition of a book first published as A Narrow Escape


Serie: Hillary Greene; 1

Previamente publicado como: A Narrow Escape

Editorial: Joffe Books
Año de publicación: 2017
ISBN 9781912106783

Idioma: Inglés
Formato: eBook

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