Sense & Sensibility : The Diaries

Sense & Sensibility : The Diaries

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Emma Thompson’s on-set journal of the 65 day Devon shoot of Sense & Sensibility has to be greeted with open arms. All the more so since the account in question reads like an entertaining and animated conversation.

Thompson is a candid camera, mercilessly recording her environs and interlocutors. Her often self-deprecating comments are refreshing and inventive, and her incredible list of personal aliments -which range from flatulence and a bad back to conjunctivitis, thrush and insomnia- ensures that our interest never flags.

The minutiae of the film set -egos, incidents and catering- are wickedly sketched in Thompson’s appealing mix of poetic and profane language. Fromm sheep keeling over sith heat exhaustion to Taiwanese director Ang Lee’s penchant for pink iced buns for breakfast, this is as hilarious as it is honest.

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Editorial: Bloomsbury
Año: 1996
ISBN 747530602
Título original: Sense & Sensibility : The Diaries

Idioma: Inglés
Formato: Impreso

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