A Fever in the Heart

A Fever in the Heart

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Synopsis of A Fever in the Heart

A Fever in the Heart tells the story of a tumultuous love triangle that spirals out of control, fueled by the jealousy of a mad man. Lives were ended and families torn apart due to one man’s burning desire to get the woman of his dreams back.

Ann Rule originally covered this story in 1976 for Cosmopolitan Magazine; she didn’t feel as though she had enough materials for a full length book. Shortly after, a woman named Olive Blankenbaker, mother to one of the victims, approached her pleading for her to look further into the case and release a full book.

After twenty years of research, insight and hindsight, Ann Rule had delivered a powerful novel that delves into the twisted, dramatic and convoluted facts of a murder case that shook the small town of Yakima, Washington.

Synopsis of the book, by Ann Rule, taken from Amazon

Publisher: Estate of Ann Rule
Year 2018

Language: English
Format: eBook

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