And Four to Go

Synopsis of And Four to Go

And Four to Go contains four short stories:

Christmas Party

Archie, having arranged for a day off, receives brusque instructions to cancel his plans and drive Wolfe out to Mr. Hewitt’s for a special orchid powwow. He whips out a marriage license, with the news that he must attend his fiancee’s office Christmas party that day.

Easter Parade

Rumor (via his gardener) has it that Millard Bynoe has bred a pink Vanda, but he refuses to admit it or display it before his wife wears a blossom for the Easter parade. Wolfe, giving in to acute orchid envy, has Archie arrange for a petty thief to steal it under cover of parade photographers. Unfortunately, that’s the day that someone poisons Mrs. Bynoe, apparently with a dart shot from a fake camera.

Fourth of July Picnic

Wolfe never leaves the brownstone on business; his friend Marko Vukic (and by extension, his restaurant, Rusterman’s) is associated with most of the things that can get him out. He has agreed to give a speech at the annual picnic of the Restaurant Workers of America, if they’ll stop harassing Fritz to join their union.

Murder is No Joke

Flora Gallant, the sister of famous dress designer Alec Gallant, hires Wolfe and Archie to break Bianca Voss’ mysterious hold over her brother. While questioning an interested party via telephone, Wolfe and Archie hear a murder – or do they? Was it genuine, or was the killer playing games to mess up the time of death?

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Series:  Nero Wolfe; 30

Publisher: Bantam
Year 1992
ISBN 0553249851

Language: English
Format: Print

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