Believing the Lie

Believing the Lie

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Detective Inspector Lynley is approached by business magnate Bernard Fairclough for a confidential review – not a formal investigation – of the circumstances of his nephew’s demise. The coroner’s verdict is accidental death.

Still grieving for his murdered wife, Lynley has personal reasons for welcoming a spell away from London. He heads to the wild beauty of the Lake District, with Deborah and Simon St James to provide cover for his inquiries.

Barbara Havers, back at base, makes her own unique contribution to the case, distracted only by Isabelle’s ambitions to improve her Detective Sergeant’s appearance.

When he comes to know the various members of the extended Fairclough dynasty, Lynley finds many possible motives for murder, and uncovers layers of deceit and betrayal that expose the lies at the heart of the Cumbrian community.

My review

In the same vein of her other works: good plot, well written, entertaining and with the proper suspense. Apart from the main plot, there are the personal stories of Lynley and Sergeant Havers, who become more important in the story as a whole.

Deborah St. James stands out among the characters. She, while trying to help at Lynley’s request, turns out to be partly responsible for everything not turning out very well.

As far as I know, it’s hasn’t been published in Spanish yet. I recommend it.


; 17

ISBN 9781848949720

Language: English

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