Buried Deep

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Synopsis of Buried Deep

In this pulse-pounding short thriller, Maggie Cabot refuses to sit by idly as police re-open an investigation into the mysterious death of a woman her husband used to know.

After two decades in a near-perfect marriage, Maggie and James Cabot are enjoying their first year as empty-nesters in their charming Florida suburb. Until two detectives arrive at their front door and change their lives forever.

The remains of a young woman have been found at a campsite in the Florida Keys. Hannah Nilsson, only 21 at the time of her disappearance, was last seen on a camping trip. She was with a group of friends, including James, who dated Hannah long before he and Maggie ever met.

Shocked and heartbroken, everyone on the trip said they assumed Hannah had wandered off toward shore, intoxicated from a long night of partying, and drowned. But the discovery of her body 25 years later, half a mile away from the campsite and buried six feet deep, makes it clear that her death was not accidental.

As the police dig back into the case, Maggie begins her own investigation, desperate to piece together the truth and clear her husband’s name once and for all.

Synopsis of Buried Deep, by Margot Hunt, taken from Amazon

Publisher:  Audible
Year:  2019

Language:  English
Format:  Audiobook, eBook

Narrated by:  Therese Plummer
Length:  2 hrs, 38 mins

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