Cruel Deception

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Synopsis of Cruel Deception

Cruel Deception is the true story of a Munchausen mom and her tiny victims.
In and out of hospitals since birth, angelic nine-month-old Morgan Reid finally succumbed to what appeared to be Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Morgan’s Texas-born mother Tanya, a nurse and devoted wife, pulled up stakes with her grieving husband Jim, and moved on. It was the best way to put the past behind them. Until their son Michael, a boy who by all accounts was terrified of his mother, began showing signs of the same affliction that stole the life of his baby sister…

First, the suspicion: Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. Then, Tanya was charged and convicted with felony child abuse of her son. She was later tried and ultimately convicted for first degree murder of Morgan. It would become a landmark trial that unfolded in a series of reversals and bizarre twists of fate as it gradually revealed another side of Tanya Reid–of her own troubling childhood and the dark secrets that drove a woman to the cruelest deception of all…

Synopsis of the book, by Gregg Olsen, taken from Amazon

Publisher:  Crime Rants Classics
Year:  2013

Language:  English
Format:  eBook

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