Dead Tomorrow

Also available in: Spanish

Synopsis of Dead Tomorrow

A teenager’s body is recovered from the sea off the cost of Sussex, with vital organs excised. Two equally grim subsequent discoveries follow.

At the same time, another teenager, Caitlinn Beckett, lies in a Brighton hospital; she will die if she is not the recipient of a liver transplant.

The National Health Service cannot help, and Lynn, Catlinn’s mothers, turns in desperation to clandestine sources.

DS Roy Grace, on the trail of the killers of the dead teenagers, discovers a sinister cadre of Eastern European child traffickers.

And here Peter James dispatches his usual peerless orchestration of suspense as two elements coalesce: can Roy Grace prevent another child death – and how far will the distraught Lynn Beckett go to save the life of her daughter?

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Series:  Roy Grace; 5

Year 2009
ISBN 9780230706866

Language: English
Format: eBook

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