Devil’s Chimney

Devils Chimney

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Synopsis of Devil’s Chimney

In Devil’s Chimney, on a wild and stormy night on England’s south coast, ambitious young police constables Rutherford Barnes and Harriet Holden are doing the rounds when they see a burglar fleeing the scene of the crime.

And the location is Harriet’s house. The ground floor is ransacked. Scrawled in red across one wall are the words: DEAD COPS SLEEP LONG.

Then a few days later, Harriet’s battered body is discovered in a shabby seafront hotel.

Newly promoted to detective, Barnes vows to discover who killed his partner, and why.

Synopsis of the book, by Adam Lyndon, taken from Amazon

Series:  Rutherford Barnes; 1

Publisher:  Joffe Books
Year:  2022

Language:  English
Format:  eBook


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