Fleeced : A Regan Reilly Mystery

Fleeced : A Regan Reilly Mystery

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Regan Reilly is in New York attending a crime conference organized by her celebrity-author mother…and enjoying time with a new beau, Jack ‘no relation’ Reilly. It’s not long before trouble finds her: a family friend, Thomas Pilsner — the president of the Settlers’ Club on Gramercy Park — desperately needs help. Two Settlers are dead, diamonds they were donating to the flagging club have vanished, and Thomas is rapidly becoming the prime suspect on all counts. As sharp as ever, Regan sets about solving the mystery of the disappearing diamonds and dead donors in order to save Thomas’ neck…before the real killer finds him.

Series:  Regan Reilly; 5

Publisher:  Scribner
Year:  2001
ISBN 9780743215770
Original title:  Fleeced

Language:  English


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