Love Lies and Murder

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Synopsis of Love Lies and Murder

Love Lies and Murder is the true crime story of a Tennessee lawyer who took his children on the run with him after killing his wife, and a father-in-law who wanted justice.

A Wealthy Wife . . .

A successful lawyer, Perry March married the beautiful daughter of one of the most powerful attorneys in Nashville. Through his wife Janet, Perry won a position in his father-in-law’s firm and joined the city’s social elite. The couple raised two children in a mansion that Janet, a talented artist, designed. They seemed to have the good life and more . . .

A Husband’s Betrayal . . .

But in 1996, when Janet vanished, police dug into Perry’s past, turning up strange stories of sexual obsession, unfaithfulness, and vicious arguments with Janet. When they suspected that one of those fights ended in murder, Perry skipped town with his children.

A Father’s Vow for Justice . . .

Janet’s father would not let Perry escape so easily. He and his agents pursued the murder suspect to Chicago, and then to Mexico, where Perry opened a new practice and remarried. Still, ten years would pass before the desperate fugitive became trapped in his own web of deceit and betrayal . . .

Synopsis of the book, by Gary C. King, taken from Amazon

Publisher:  Pinnacle Books
Year:  2014

Language:  English
Format:  eBook

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