Method Three for Murder

Three at Wolfe’s Door: Poison à la carte. Method Three For Murder. The Rodeo Murder

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Synopsis of Method Three for Murder

Mira Holt borrows her friend Judy Bram’s taxi to pick up her husband at a certain address. She wants to see him to discuss the divorce but he is avoiding her. In this way he will have no choice but to talk to her.

When the husband does not show up, Mira goes to his house, checking that he is not there.

Upon returning to the taxi to leave she finds a body in the back seat. It is the corpse of her husband’s girlfriend.

Not knowing what to do, she heads to Nero Wolfe’s house. She wants to hire him to tell her what to do so she won’t be accused of murder.

  • Spanish
; 33.2

Included in: Three at Wolfe's Door

Publisher: Bantam
Year published: 1995
ISBN 0553238035

Language: English
Format: Print

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