Oxford Exit

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When novelist Kate Ivory is offered a special assignment by her friend at Oxford’s famous Bodleian Library, she decides to accept. For the University’s libraries have a serious problem: valuable books have been disappearing from their closely guarded collections.

And Kate has to find out how. Then she begins to hear stories of an even more alarming disappearance of the year before – that of a young librarian subsequently found murdered. Could there be a connection?


Boring and pretty bad.

The protagonist is supposed to be a writer, not even of police novels, whom a friend (later we find out he’s a librarian at the Bodleian) calls to go work in the library of the University of Oxford to investigate the disappearance of cartographic records.

It’s as if a friend calls me, a librarian, to go work in a bookstore and investigate certain irregularities that occur on the delivery notes.


What we’re really told here is how to catalog a book (in an automated catalog) and the operation of the libraries of the U. of Oxford, especially the Bodleian.

The plot itself is not worth much and it’s also a mis-utilized idea. It’s not engaging, and I almost didn’t finish it because it was boring. I finished it just to confirm if the bad guy was who I suspected.

Series:  Kate Ivory; 11

Publisher:  Headline
Year:  2005
ISBN 9780747248088

Language:  Inglés
Format:  Impreso

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