Stab in the Dark

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Synopsis of Stab in the Dark

DC Scott Cullen likes to play hard and fast with the rules and while it might antagonise his colleagues – and superiors – it gets results.

But resistance to his cowboy attitude, coupled with fears about a forthcoming police restructure, mean that things aren’t looking good for the maverick cop, especially when his personal life begins to crumble.

Then the body of a young man turns up in a totalled car in West Lothian.

It looks like a straightforward case until that seemingly accidental death turns into two undeniable murders and Cullen gets caught in the risky crossfire of several different investigations.

When the case shines a light on the murky underworld of football hooliganism, things become unexpectedly too personal for comfort.

Can Cullen work out what’s going on, or were his colleagues right about him all along?

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Series:  Scott Cullen; 4

Previously published as:  Dyed in the Wool

Later published as:  Stab in the Dark

Publisher:  the Author
Year:  2014

Language:  English
Format:  eBook


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