The Burying Place

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In the quiet town of Grand Rapids, Minnesota, a baby vanishes from her bedroom. Was she abducted -or does her father have a terrible secret to hide? That same night, a young policewoman stumbles into the middle of a horrific crime. Now a sadistic killer wants her to play his deadly game. Lieutenant Jonathan Stride needs to move fast to save a child and stop a killing spree. As fear grips the winter farmlands, Stride knows that every snow-covered field may be the next burying place. Each twist in the investigation takes Stride further into an elaborate web of deceit and desire. With everything at risk and time running out, Stride worries how far a desperate mother will go to recue her baby -and how a desperate cop will go to save herself.

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; 5

ISBN 9780755370276
Original title: The burying place

Language: English

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