The Leopard

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In the depths of winter, a killer stalks the city streets. His victims are two young women, both found with twenty-four inexplicable puncture wounds, both drowned in their own blood. The crime scenes offer no clues, the media is reaching fever pitch, and the police are running out of options. There is only one man who can help them, and he doesn’t want to be found.

Deeply traumatised by the Snowman investigation, which threatened the lives of those he holds most dear, Inspector Harry Hole has lost himself in the squalor of Hong Kong’s opium dens. But with his father seriously ill in hospital, Harry reluctantly agrees to return to Oslo. He has no intention of working on the case, but his instinct takes over when a third victim is found brutally murdered in a city park.

The victims appear completely unconnected to one another, but it’s not long before Harry makes a discovery: the women all spent the night in an isolated mountain hostel. And someone is picking off the guests one by one. A heart-stopping thriller from the bestselling author of The Snowman, The Leopard is an international phenomenon that will grip you until the final page.


Last novel so far starring Norwegian policeman Harry Hole.

As always, he’s in trouble with rival cops whose only interest is to receive medals by solving the most famous cases. Also, as always, he’s supported by his immediate boss who even turns a blind eye on some things.

I liked it. Hole’s character is better sketched than in the other ones, he seems more mature and, perhaps, closer and more human than in previous novels.

The plot is good, well developed and engaging.


; 8

Publisher:  Harvill Secker
Year:  2011
ISBN 9781407086071
Original title:  Panserhjerte

Language:  Inglés
Format:  eBook

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