The Mercy Chair

The Mercy Chair

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Synopsis of The Mercy Chair

In The Mercy Chair, Washington Poe has a story to tell. And he needs you to listen.

You’ll hear how it started with the robber birds. Crows. Dozens of them. Enough for a murder . . .

He’ll tell you about a man who was tied to a tree and stoned to death, a man who had tattooed himself with a code so obscure, even the gifted analyst Tilly Bradshaw struggled to break it. He’ll tell you how the man’s murder was connected to a tragedy that happened fifteen years earlier when a young girl massacred her entire family.

And finally, he’ll tell you about the chair. And why people would rather kill themselves than talk about it . . .

Poe hopes you’ve been paying attention. Because in this story, nothing is as it seems . . .

Synopsis of the book, by M.W. Craven, taken from Amazon

Series:  Washington Poe; 6

Publisher:  Constable
Year:  2024

Language:  English
Format:  eBook


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