The Pact

Synopsis of The Pact

In The Pact, a golden summer, and six talented friends are looking forward to the brightest of futures – until a daredevil game goes horribly wrong, and a woman and two children are killed.

18-year-old Megan takes the blame, leaving the others free to get on with their lives. In return, they each agree to a ‘favour’, payable on her release from prison.

Twenty years later Megan is free.

Let the games begin . . .

Events take place across two timelines. Initially at the point where the students are in their late teens and engage in the dare, and then subsequently 20 years later, when most of them are now pursuing successful careers.

Synopsis of the book, by Sharon Bolton, taken from Amazon

Publisher: Trapeze
Year 2021

Language: English
Format: eBook

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