The Reversal

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Synopsis of The Reversal

When defence lawyer Mickey Haller is invited by the Los Angeles County District Attorney to prosecute a case for him, he knows something strange is going on.

Mickey’s one of the best American legal brains in the business.

To switch sides likes this would be akin to asking a fox to guard the hen-house.

But the high-profile case of Jason Jessup is an intriguing one. Jessup is  a convicted child killer who spent almost 25 years on death row before DNA evidence freed him,  . . .

Eager for the publicity and drawn to the challenge, Mickey takes the case, with LAPD Detective Harry Bosch on board as his lead investigator.

But as a new trial date is set, it starts to look like he’s been set up.

Mickey and Harry are going to have to dig deep into the past and find the truth about what really happened to the victim all those years ago in this nail-biting courtroom drama.

Synopsis of The Reversal taken from Amazon

The Reversal – Michael Connelly review

Very good. I like the ones in this Mickey Haller series better than Harry Bosch’s, although they’re both very good. In this case, both of them, who are also half-brothers, collaborate in the investigation of the case.

It stands out as always the very good representation of what are the trials in the United States, with all their background.

Waiting to read the next one, The Fifth Witness, which will come when I finish with the Harry Bosch novels that I have overdue.

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Series:  Mickey Haller; 3

Publisher: Orion
Year 2010
ISBN 9781409114413

Language: English
Format: eBook

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