Tomb of the Golden Bird

Tomb of the Golden Bird

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1922 – convinced that the tomb of the little-known King Tutankhamon lies somewhere in the Valley of the Kings, Emerson has tried to persuade his rivals Lord Carnavon and Howard Carter to hand over their digging rights in the valley to him – but they resist. So back in Luxor an incident at the hotel the clan is staying in turns their gifts for digging in another direction. Emerson and Ramses are lured into a trap by a group of villains who demand answers to the mysterious question, ‘Where is he?’. Their curiosity piqued, the duo is determined to uncover who ‘he’ is and why ‘he’ should be so important.

Series:  Amelia Peabody; 19

Publisher:  Robinson
Year:  2007
ISBN 9781845294755
Original title:  Tomb of the Golden Bird

Language:  English


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