Under The Knife ; Whistleblower

Under The Knife ; Whistleblower

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Under the Knife:

A routine operation leaves the patient, a nurse at the hospital, dead — and all signs point to doctor error. For lawyer David Ransom it’s clearly a case of malpractice. For Dr. Kate Chesne it’s a race to prove her innocence. Then another hospital worker turns up dead. As Kate starts to piece together the circumstances surrounding the deaths, it’s suddenly not only her career that she must save, but her life.


Victor Holland comes flying out of the night into the path of Catherine Weaver’s car. Horrified by his broken body, Cathy rushes him to the hospital, praying for his survival. But her nightmare had just begun. Because Victor is running for his life, and their shocking encounter has put Cathy in mortal danger. Victor has uncovered a terrifying secret-and the trail leads all the way to Washington, where powerful men will go to any lengths to silence him. Victor’s story sounds like the ravings of a mad man, but the haunted look in his eyes-and the bullet hole in his shoulder-tell a different story. As each hour brings pursuers ever closer, Cathy has to wonder, is she giving her trust to a man in danger or trusting her life to a dangerous man?

Publisher:  Mira Books
Year:  2007
ISBN 9781741165159
Original title:  Under the knife

Language:  Castellano
Format:  eBook


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