Leave the Grave Green

Leave the grave green

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Synopsis of Leave the Grave Green

When a body is found floating in the Thames river lock one damp and dreary morning, Superintendent Duncan Kincaid and Sergeant Gemma James are summoned from Scotland Yard to the Chiltern Hills outside London.

The dead man is Connor Swann, son-in-law of London’s most renowned opera personalities. And prints on his neck suggest that his death was no accident.

As Duncan and Gemma explore the quiet woods above the Thames and the flamboyant world of London opera in search of answers, they discover a tangled web of family secrets and hidden emotions.

For twenty years earlier, another young man connected to the family also drowned. Could it be the seeds of Connor’s murder had been planted all those years ago…?

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Serie: Duncan Kincaid - Gemma James; 3

Editorial: Pan Books
Año de publicación: 2009
ISBN 9780330348836
Título original: Leave the Grave Green

Idioma: Inglés
Formato: Impreso

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