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On the trail of a serial killer, the path splits in two… FBI special agent Kelly Jones has worked on many disturbing cases in her career, but nothing like this. A mass grave site unearthed on the Appalachian Trail puts Kelly at the head of an investigation that crosses the line from Massachusetts to Vermont, from wealthy vacationers to poor transients, from a serial killer to a copycat nemesis.

Assisted by law enforcement from both states and a forensic anthropologist, Kelly searches for the killers. But as darkness falls, another victim is taken. Kelly must race to save him before he joins the rest…in the boneyard.


It’s good. The second novel in the series starring Kelly Jones. Specialized in serial murders, this time she must find out who’s the author of some murders committed in the span of ten years; they’re discovered when some bones appear in a forest after someone has unearthed them. This is precisely the originality of the plot: someone intentionally unearths the corpses to stop the killer, whom he knows and spies as he commits them.

The development of the story is good and keeps the suspense until the end, though from quite early on the reader may suspect who it is.

While the first novel in the series was translated into Spanish with the title “Los túneles”, I think it is the only one and that it’s sold out. It’s a shame.


Series:  Kelly Jones; 2

Publisher:  Mira Books
Year:  2008
ISBN 9781426816444

Language:  Inglés
Format:  eBook

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