The Gatekeeper

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From the moment sixteen-year-old Madison Grant is abducted, an unthinkable terrorist plot is set in motion–pitting Special Agent Kelly Jones against her most powerful adversary yet. The kidnapper’s ransom demands aren’t monetary…they come at a cost that no American can afford to pay.

As Kelly’s fiancé, Jake Riley, races to find Madison, Kelly is assigned to another disturbing case: the murder and dismemberment of a senator. At first the two cases don’t appear to be related. But as Kelly navigates her way through the darkest communities of America–from skinheads to biker gangs to border militias–she discovers a horrible truth. A shadowy figure who calls himself The Gatekeeper is uniting hate groups, opening the door to the worst homegrown attack in American history.


I was a little disappointed with this novel. The previous two showed us murders, if not the classic ones, the ones I call normal: murder, mystery, suspects… Here the author beats around the bush. Initially, it seems that there are two cases: the kidnapping of a girl, investigated by the protagonist’s boyfriend (former FBI agent who’s now a private detective), and the murder of a politician, investigated by the protagonist herself who is a special agent of the FBI. So far, all more or less normal, but things get complicated by information leaks about the transfer of nuclear waste, legal and illegal immigration in the states bordering Mexico, racism, political ambition, corruption, bombs, etc., etc. Of course, the two cases, which apparently had no connection, are just one. Result: a plot that’s a bit boring, too convoluted and very unbelievable; that is very very movie-like.

I still have to read the fourth and final, so far, novel of the series that, I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish if it goes on in this way. Too bad because it was promising.

It’s readable, but expendable.

Series:  Kelly Jones; 3

Publisher:  Mira Books
Year:  2009
ISBN 9781426842498

Language:  Inglés
Format:  eBook

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