Deadly Intent

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Synopsis of Deadly Intent

In Deadly Intent, Alexander Fitzpatrick is one of the most wanted men in the Western world. A Howard Marks character, but far more dangerous, his wealth, accrued through drug-trafficking, runs into millions.

For the past ten years there has been no sighting of him.

Has he gone to ground using an alias, or is he dead? When an ex-police officer from the murder squad is found shot in a dank squat, Anna Travis is pulled onto the case.

As the body count rises and the investigation becomes ever more complex, suspicion falls on Fitzpatrick.

Is he still alive and in the UK? Could he be the killer, with terrifying access to the most lethal drug in existence?

Synopsis of Deadly Intent taken from Amazon

Review of Deadly Intent by Lynda La Plante

Fourth in the series starring Anna Travis and James Langton.

It’s good, like the previous ones, but I find it too long and somewhat repetitive. It gets a little messy with so many corpses and cars involved.

The story of the Mitsubishi is too complicated and you can get a bit lost trying to get a clear picture of the relationships between corpses, cars, the time line in which things happened…

Except for this, the plot is very good and the police procedure, as always, impeccable.

Series:  Anna Travis; 4

Publisher:  Pocket Books
Year:  2009
ISBN 9781416527688

Language:  English
Format:  Print

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