Death of a Dude

Death of a Dude

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Synopsis of Death of a Dude

While on vacation at Lily Rowan’s Montana beef ranch, Archie Goodwin becomes involved in a murder investigation. Harvey Greve, the ranch manager, has been accused of the murder of Philip Brodell, a wealthy “dude” on vacation at a neighbouring ranch.

The previous year, Brodell had seduced and impregnated Greve’s daughter, and Greve had swore revenge. However both Archie and Lily are skeptical of his guilt. Brodell was shot twice, once in the back, by an inexpert marksman. As well as Greve being an excellent shot, Archie is convinced that he is too honorable to shoot an unarmed opponent in the back. However, the local sheriff, Morley Haight, has only lazily investigated the murder before settling on Greve’s guilt in large part due to a bitter grudge between the two.

Archie himself suspects the Sheriff’s son Gilbert. He had been wooing Greve’s daughter and had himself threatened to murder Brodell. But as an outsider himself Archie is having difficulty in persuading the distrustful, hostile locals to open up to him. Despite the difficulties, Archie’s honor will not allow him to abandon Greve to his plight.

So he writes to Nero Wolfe informing him that he will be taking an extended leave while he tries to clear Greve’s name. Irritated at the interruptions to his routine that this causes, Wolfe uses a high-ranking contact in the Montana state government to research the case before taking the almost unprecedented step of leaving his home and travelling to Montana to consult with Archie in person.

Convinced by Archie’s argument, Wolfe decides to solve the case to enable Archie and himself to return to New York. He stays at Lily’s ranch along Archie and her other guests. Diana Kadany, an actress friend of Lily’s, and Wade Worthy, an author writing a biography of Lily’s father.

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Death of a DudeDeath of a Dude

; 44

Publisher: Bantam
Year published: 2010
ISBN 9780307755872

Language: English

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