Door to Death

Three Doors to Death. Door to Death

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Synopsis of Door to Death

The “Door to death” in the title refers to a warning sign on a greenhouse door referring to the lethal gas used in the cultivation of orchids.

When Theodore Horstmann, caretaker for the orchids of Nero Wolfe, leaves the brownstone house indefinitely to care for his sick mother, Wolfe is desperate to find a replacement.

Because of this he leaves home and travels by car to an estate in Westchester to hire a new gardener, Andy Krasicki.

Wolfe is eager to close the deal and, when he arrives, after crossing the snowy grounds of the estate, Andy informs him that he had already decided to accept the job.

Unfortunately, while Andy shows Wolfe and Archie the greenhouses on the estate, they find Andy’s girlfriend’s body under one of the plant tables. She has been killed by the poison gas.

Both Andy and the eccentrically dysfunctional family members living in the house are suspicious.

Wolfe has to prove that Andy is innocent in order to take him home to take care of his orchids.

Series: Nero Wolfe; 16.3

Included in: Three Doors to Death

Publisher: Crimeline
Year published: 2010
ISBN 9780307756169

Language: English
Format: Ebook

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