Easter Parade

Synopsis of Easter Parade

When Nero Wolfe‘s envy is aroused he’ll go to any length to satisfy it.

He’s learned that Millard Bynoe has hybridized a pink Vanda orchid, a unique plant. He wants to examine one and Bynoe has turned him down.

Wolfe has also learned that Mrs. Bynoe will sport a spray of the pink Vanda at this year’s Easter parade in New York, and wonders if Archie knows anyone who would steal it from her.

Archie does have a suggestion, a shifty character nicknamed Tabby and to get a photograph of the orchids. Archie offers to attend the parade too, with Wolfe’s new camera.

Easter parade arrives. Both Tabby and Archie are in place. Archie’s sharing some wooden crates with several other photographers so as to see over the crowd.

The Bynoes exit the church in the company of another man. Tabby tries to grab the orchids but the Bynoes’ companion wards him off.

So Tabby ducks away into the crowd and begins to stalk them as the three walk up the avenue. Archie has been able to capture much of the action on film.

Suddenly, Mrs. Bynoe collapses. As her companions try to help her, Tabby dashes up to them, snatches the orchid corsage, and sprints away.

Archie takes off after him, and catches up just as Tabby gets into a cab. Archie joins him, hushes him, and tells the cabbie to take them to 918 West 35th.

Only after Wolfe has had time to examine the orchids does Archie get a chance to point out that if necessary the police will identify and track Tabby down, and that inevitably Tabby will give up Wolfe and Archie.

Archie phones Lon Cohen and learns that Mrs. Bynoe is dead.

Wolfe wants to avoid any public mention of his association with the incident, and offers Tabby $10 a day to remain incommunicado at the brownstone.

After trying unsuccessfully to raise the per diem, Tabby accepts.

Synopsis of Easter Parade taken from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Easter_Parade_(short_story)

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Series:  Nero Wolfe; 30.2

Included in: And Four to Go

Publisher: Bantam
Year 1992
ISBN 0553249851

Language: English
Format: Print

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