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Synopsis of Indefensible

Indefensible is the missing truth about Steven Avery, Teresa Halbach, and Making a Murderer

An insider exposes the shocking facts left out of the hit Netflix series Making a Murderer—proving that Avery was guilty of murder—in this true crime book.

After serving eighteen years for a crime he didn’t commit, Steven Avery was freed—and filed a multi-million-dollar lawsuit against Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. But before the suit could be settled, Avery was arrested again—this time for the murder of Teresa Halbach. In that now-famous trial, he was convicted once more.

When Making a Murderer became a runaway hit, prosecutor Michael Griesbach was targeted on social media—and plagued by doubt. Now he re-examines all the evidence, offering the most complete account of the case available. Griesbach reviews allegations of tampering and planted evidence, the confession by Avery’s nephew, and statements by his former girlfriend. He also examines previously sealed documents deemed inadmissible at the trial—as well as a plausible alternate suspect.

Through it all, Griesbach shows how the filmmakers’ agenda, the accused man’s dramatic backstory, and sensational media coverage have clouded the truth about Steven Avery.

Synopsis of the book, by Michael Griesbach, taken from Amazon

Publisher:  Pinnacle Books
Year:  2017

Language:  English
Format:  eBook


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