The Murder of Billie-Jo

The Murder of Billie-Jo

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Synopsis of The Murder of Billie-Jo

In The Murder of Billie-Jo:

In February 1997 Billie-Jo Jenkins was murdered at her home in Hastings, Sussex.

In July 1998 her foster father Siôn was convicted and sent to prison for life.

After a monumental legal battle, in which there were an unprecedented six court hearings, Siôn Jenkins was finally acquitted in February 2006 after a gross miscarriage of justice.

Having already faced three criminal trials, Siôn Jenkins had to undergo a fourth – a trial by media which continues to this day. Now, Siôn Jenkins puts on record what actually happened; the whole story from the beginning.

Synopsis of the book, by Siôn Jenkins, taken from Amazon

Publisher:  Metro Publishing
Year:  2009
ISBN 9781844546299

Language:  English
Format:  eBook


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