The Red Dahlia

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Detective Inspector Anna Travis hasn’t worked with DCI James Langton since they teamed up to find a serial killer more than a year earlier. At that time they had a brief fling and parted company unhappily when Langton wouldn’t commit to a long-term relationship. When they’re thrown together again on a murder case, Anna finds herself reattracted to Langton but vows to keep her feelings hidden. Given the nonstop demands of the case, that’s not as difficult as she feared.

The body of a beautiful young woman is found, cut in half and drained of blood. The autopsy reveals that the victim was tortured and brutalized before she died, and even the hardened cops on the case are shocked. With the killer still at large, comparisons are quickly made to the never-solved Black Dahlia murder in Los Angeles 50 years earlier, prompting the “Red Dahlia” moniker.

When the case finally breaks open, it’s the stuff of nightmares. Gritty, gruesome, and graphic, the latest from Prime Suspect scriptwriter La Plante is stomach-churning but virtually unputdownable. A must-read for hard-boiled aficionados not afraid to follow the blood splatters wherever they may lead. Melton, Emily

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Series: Anna Travis; 2

ISBN 9781416532194

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