The Squirt and the Monkey

Triple Jeopardy

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Synopsis of The Squirt and the Monkey

Archie Goodwin has to help cartoonist Harry Koven recover a weapon that was stolen from a drawer of his desk at home. Harry, creator of the popular comic strip Dazzle Dan, wants Archie to place his own weapon, the same model as the one stolen, in the drawer. Then, he must open the drawer in the presence of the five people suspected of the robbery and see his reactions. The five suspects are Harry’s wife, Marcelle, his friend Adrian Getz (nicknamed “Squirt” by Harry), his agent Patricia Lowell and also cartoonists Pete Jordan and Byram Hildebrand.

Upon arriving at the Kovens’ house, Archie is taken to a room with a burning fireplace. The heat is for the benefit of Rookaloo, a pet monkey locked in a cage in this room. After Archie puts his (unloaded) gun in the drawer, Harry has doubts about the plan and asks for time to decide. During the wait Archie meets the other five and discovers several tensions between them.

Hours later, Harry is ready to continue and he and Archie recheck the drawer only to discover that Archie’s weapon has been exchanged for Harry’s. Later, Archie finds Getz dead in Rookaloo’s room, shot in the head. Rookaloo holds Archie’s gun (now loaded) and shivers cold as the window is now open.

Synopsis of The Squirt and the Monkey  based on:

  • Spanish
Series: Nero Wolfe; 20.1

Included in: Triple Jeopardy

Publisher: Bantam
Year published: 2010
ISBN 9780307756305

Language: English

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