Booby Trap

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Not Quite Dead Enough

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Syopsis of Booby Trap

Wolfe and Goodwin are working for the Army intelligence department. They must attend a meeting of the committee investigating the murder of Captain Cross who was killed when he was going to write a report about the theft of a prototype grenade.

Archie owns one of those grenades, which Colonel Ryder let him stay as a souvenir, having recovered the stolen loot. Now, Wolfe insists that he must return it to Ryder because he does not want to have in his house an artifact that could blow it up.

Once at the military intelligence office, and after Archie returns the grenade to Ryder, the meeting begins. The meeting is attended by Congressman Shattuck who has been receiving anonymous letters denouncing the industrial espionage that can compromise war efforts. Once discussed the strategy to follow, Ryder, whose son recently died in combat, announces that later that afternoon he will go to Washington to meet General Carpenter, his top boss. The meeting dissolves.

Later, Wolfe and Archie receive a call calling them back to another meeting that same afternoon. When they are leaving the elevator in the intelligence department, an explosion shakes the building.

Colonel Ryder has been killed as a result of the explosion of the grenade that Archie had given him that morning. Once the suicide is ruled out, it remains only to find out who has exploited it and solve the murder.

Synopsis of Booby Trap based on:

Series:  Nero Wolfe; 10.1

Incluido en:  Not Quite Dead Enough

Publisher:  Bantam
Year:  2010
ISBN 9780307756077

Language:  English


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