Die Like a Dog

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Synopsis of Die Like a Dog

In Die Like a Dog, it’s a rainy day in Manhattan, and Richard Meegan has taken the wrong raincoat after Nero Wolfe threw him out.

Meegan wanted to hire Wolfe, apparently because of the kind of marital matter Wolfe will never want to investigate.

Now Archie Goodwin wants to recover his raincoat because it is newer than the one Meegan left.

When Archie approaches the small Meegan apartment building on Arbor Street in the Village, he sees the police in front of the house, including Sergeant Purley Stebbins.

Opting to make a discreet disappearance, Archie decides to return home. He soon realizes that he is being followed by a black Labrador.

When the wind causes Archie’s hat to fly towards the road, the dog risks his life to recover it. After that, Archie can’t leave the dog, so he takes him to Wolfe’s house.

Shortly after, Cramer shows up looking for a dog. A man named Philip Kampf was killed in the Arbor Street apartment building.

Kampf had a black Labrador, and a policeman noticed that the dog had left with Goodwin.

That is, Meegan, who visited Wolfe that morning, lives in the apartment building where Kampf was killed, and Archie has Kampf’s dog.

Cramer requires an explanation.

Synopsis of Die Like a Dog taken from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Die_Like_a_Dog

Series:  Nero Wolfe; 26.3

Included in:  Three Witnesses

Publisher:  Bantam
Year:  1994
ISBN 0553249592

Language:  English
Format:  Print


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