When a Man Murders

Three Witnesses

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Synopsis of When a Man Murders

Sidney Karnow has returned from the dead. In 1951 he enlisted in the army and was sent to Korea as a soldier. Wounded in combat, American forces left him for dead, when in fact he was not.

Karnow was taken prisoner by the enemy. After a couple of years he escaped to Manchuria and lived there in a village until the truce. Then he went to South Korea and was sent home by the Army.

Karnow was also a millionaire. He had inherited money from his parents, but he felt he should serve in the army. Before joining, he met Caroline and married her. Now, Caroline goes to Wolfe along with her new husband, Paul Aubry, because they are in a very compromised situation.

Karnow’s return from the dead annuls their marriage, and they have spent a large part of the inheritance setting up a car dealership for Paul. They want to offer what is left of the inheritance, plus the dealership, to Karnow in exchange for his consent to the divorce.

Wolfe explains that he is a detective, not a lawyer, but Aubry replies that “we want you to detect a way to make Karnow accept our proposal.”

Death again

Wolfe sends Archie, along with Aubry and Caroline, to the Churchill Hotel to make the proposal to Karnow, who is staying there. Archie leaves the couple at the bar and goes up to Karnow’s room. When he does not receive an answer when he knocks on the door, try to open and check that it is not closed. Inside he finds Karnow, shot dead and a gun a few meters away.

Archie leaves the room leaving it as he found it, picks up the customers and returns to Wolfe’s house. Soon Purley Stebbins appears, as Archie, Paul and Caroline have been seen at the hotel where they had just found Karnow’s body.

Synopsis taken from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/When_a_Man_Murders

; 26.2

Publisher: Bantam
Year published: 1994
ISBN 0553249592
Original title: Three Witnesses

Language: English
Format: Print

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