A Window for Death

Three For the Chair: A Window For Death. Immune to Murder. Too Many Detectives

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Synopsis of A Window for Death

In A Window for Death, David R. Fyfe, a high school English teacher, asks Wolfe for advice concerning the death of his brother Bert.

Twenty years earlier, Bert had left his family to pursue uranium mining opportunities in Canada.

He had returned to New York and reconciled with his siblings—brothers David and Paul, sister Louise, and her husband Vincent Tuttle—in order to tell them of his success in finding a profitable site.

Johnny Arrow, his Canadian business partner, accompanied Bert to New York.

Bert had invited the family to dinner and the theater, but he developed pneumonia in the days leading up to it and was confined to his apartment.

Dr. Frederick Buhl, the family physician, was called in from Mount Kisco to attend him and brought his nurse, Anne Goren.

Anne gave Bert a dose of morphine to help him sleep, as instructed by Buhl; the next morning, though, Bert was dead.

Arrow claims to have made an agreement with Bert that grants control of the mining business and any assets derived from it to either partner if the other dies, causing the family to suspect him.

Wolfe accepts a $1,000 retainer from David to investigate the circumstances of Bert’s death and decide whether to involve the police.

Synopsis of A Window for Death taken from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Window_for_Death

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Series:  Nero Wolfe; 28.1

Included in: Three for the Chair

Publisher: Bantam
Year 1994
ISBN 0553248138

Language: English
Format: Print

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