Immune to Murder

Three For the Chair: A Window For Death. Immune to Murder. Too Many Detectives

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Synopsis of Immune to Murder

In Immune to Murder, Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin travel to a hunting lodge in the Adirondacks owned by oil tycoon O.V. Bragan.

They have been invited at the request of Theodore Kelefy, an ambassador to the United States, so that Wolfe can cook a dish of freshly-caught trout for a meeting of dignitaries at the lodge.

In addition to Wolfe, Archie, Bragan, and Kelefy, five others are present:

Kelefy’s wife Adria; his advisor Spiros Papps; Assistant Secretary of State David M. Leeson and his wife Sally; and James Arthur Ferris, head of a rival oil company who is vying with Bragan for drilling rights in Kelefy’s country.

At the first night’s dinner, Bragan spites Ferris by arranging for him to sit uncomfortably close to the lodge’s blazing fireplace.

The next morning, Bragan, Ferris, Kelefy, Papps, and Leeson set out to fish on different stretches of the river that runs through the property, in order to catch trout for lunch.

After Wolfe starts to cook, Archie goes fishing on his own and finds Leeson’s body, showing signs of a fatal head injury.

Once lunch is finished and Wolfe begins to pack for the return trip to New York, Archie tells him of the discovery.

The state and county police detain everyone at the lodge and soon establish that Leeson was murdered, most likely with a piece of firewood.

District Attorney Jasper Colvin questions the group and begins to concentrate on Wolfe and Archie, hinting that someone may have hired them to kill Leeson.

Colvin questions Wolfe about the fact that he cooked none of the trout Kelefy brought in, but Wolfe refuses to answer out of irritation over Colvin’s attitude.

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Series:  Nero Wolfe; 28.2

Included in: Three for the Chair

Publisher: Bantam
Year 1994
ISBN 0553248138

Language: English
Format: Print

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