Whispers of the Dead

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Whispers of the Dead

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Synopsis of Whispers of the Dead

In Whispers of the Dead, forensic supremo David Hunter is chafing from the after-effects of the gruesome events of his last assignment and has made an ameliorative journey to the research faculty at which he polished his skills: the institution known as the Body Farm in Tennessee.

Hunter receives a request from the man who polished his forensic skills to take a trip to a crime scene – a cabin in the woods, miles from anywhere.

The grisly scenario that awaits him there is all too redolent of the horrors he has encountered in the past (the victim’s body is in an advanced state of decomposition, but it has been bound and tortured). Shortly after, a second corpse is discovered, and David Hunter is once again treading familiar territory involving lethal mind games with an ingenious and relentless psychopath.

Synopsis of the book, by Simon Beckett, taken from Amazon

Whispers of the Dead review

As good as the previous two: The Chemistry of Death and Written in Bone, first and second novels, respectively, in the David Hunter series. The second one is published in Spanish by the Círculo de Lectores with the title Entre las cenizas. I think this one will come out too.

The plot is very good and original. The suspense is maintained throughout the novel and the murderer is the one who you least expect. At least, in my case, I hadn’t taken them into account at all and, modesty aside, I usually get it right.

The author continues in his style of not dwelling on technical details and unnecessary descriptions, which is highly appreciated.

Highly recommended.

Series:  David Hunter; 3

Publisher:  Bantam
Year:  2010
ISBN 9780553817515

Language:  English
Format:  Print


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